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Emil Michael joins Pentagon’s Defense Business Board

May 13, 2016
With exceptional business experience, including a previous role as Special Assistant to the Secretary of Defense from 2009 to 2011, renowned businessman Emil Michael has moved into a new role with the Pentagon. Becoming an advisor to the Pentagon’s Defense Business Board in 2014 -- a board created in 2002 -- Emil Michael joined eight additional appointments who will offer independent advice from the private sector to the already 15-member board. As SVP of Business to Uber, and with significant business experience, Michael was the only individual at that time to bring startup experience and knowledge to the board in addition to his previous government work.
Emil Michael knew that he had the privilege of receiving a great education from Harvard University where he was a member of the baseball team, rowed crew and was a member of the Sigma Chi fraternity. It was there that he earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Government and graduated with honors. He then went on to attend Stanford University Law School. - See more at: